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If you have a niche software or technology enabled business, and are looking to grow, Continuum Systems can potentially offer you operational assistance, growth capital and strategic planning advice.

Continuum builds tailored solutions to assist in the future growth of niche firms, by providing access to capital, experienced management and a network of entrepreneurs, investors and strategic partners.

We aim to partner with companies that have the potential to grow beyond accepted market norms over the long term.

Growing your business

If you are looking for management, investment or incubation we will arrange to meet you, and follow up with standard information requests to understand more about the company.

You may also be asked to submit a business plan. This will help us to determine your requirements and whether we can help.

If we feel that there is a good fit, and we can see the potential to grow the business, we may offer to invest capital, advice and management resource.

For more information about Continuum's unique approach send an email to